Research & Development

Building a network that caters to
client demands in a timely manner.

In addition to our own in-house plant and original manufactured goods, we are also building relationships with universities, public research institutions and laboratories so to be able to respond to client needs as they arise.

Research and Development Network

  • Osaka City University
  • Open Innovation Council
  • University of Toyama

Research and Development Structure Illustration

New business Initiatives

Bonac Corporation. began as our new endeavor in 2004 for our newly established Life Sciences Division,embarking on the sale of pharmaceutical drugs and research reagents.
Following the continued success of this endeavor Bonac Corporation was established in February 2010 to pursue the business of Nucleic Acid Medicine which is seen as one of the drugs of the future.

The company name Bonac was created as an acronym for Bridge Of Nucleic Acids Chemistry expressing our desire to become the bridge between those involved in Nucleic Acid Chemistry fields around the world.The company color is the same green as the parent company Hayashi Kasei.

Bonac strives to overcome the challenges faced by the Nucleic Acid drug development industry by initiating our own research and development programs. As a result, we succeeded in developing a unique new nucleic acid material "Bonac Nucleic Acid". This technology has since been granted a creative patent in Japan, the US and EU.

We have established Bonac to pursue new challenges and venture into new business areas in our over our next 100 years of business.