Strength #1 100 Years' Experience in Developing Filler Market.

Sustainable Growth, Hand-in-Hand
with Fillers for A Century

Beginning with the manufacturing of Oyster shell powder in 1919 Hayashi Kasei has played an active role in the filler industry, producing numerous goods in a variety of fields for nearly a century.
Using the experience and expertise cultivated over almost 100 years as our platform we strive towards further development of new technology in our next 100 years of business.

Establishment of Shell Powder Plant in Osaka.

Established in Shijonawate, Osaka with the production and sale of white pigment from oyster and ark shells.


  • Noh masks
  • Art paint
  • Furniture
  • Doll paint
  • Inner walls and outer wall stucco of castles

Began sales and handling of diatomaceous earth.

Focus on sale of diatomaceous earth for liquid filtration use.


  • Beer and Sake

Appointed as import agents for Kaolin (for industrial and paper applications)

Import agents for Kaolin from US-based Engelhard Minerals Inc (now, BASF) for paint, ink and synthetic resin.

Applications of Paper Kaolin

  • Coating on paper surface for high-quality printing

Applications of Industrial Kaolin

  • Paint
  • Electrical wire
  • Adhesives
  • Honeycomb ceramics (cordierite) for automobile exhaust gas filtration

Began processing imported talc crudes.

Establishment of two domestic factories for the production of polypropylene resin sold throughout Japan.


  • Filler for resins for automobile parts
  • Household appliances
  • OA equipment casings etc.

Embarked on business related to synthetic soil for rice production.


  • Synthetic soil for rice cultivation

Appointed as import agents for Kaolin (for industrial and paper applications)

Entered into contract with Korean based Samchylly Pharma Co., Ltd. for the sale of DNA RNA phosphormadite and began supplying the Japanese market.


  • Research reagents and pharmaceutical drugs

Establishment of Nucleic Medicine Development Company

Established Bonac Corporation. Research and development of Nucleic Pharmaceutical


  • Nucleic Medicine

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