History & Milestones


1919 January
  • Hayashi Shell Powder Manufacturing was founded in Shijyonawate City, Osaka Prefecture January 1919.
  • Started production and sales of white pigment 'Bleached Shell Powder', based on raw materials such as oyster and ark shell.
  • Transitioned to water based pigments for use with dolls, furniture and paints.


1951 February
  • Moved Sales Division Tenjinbashi, Kita-Ku in Osaka. Began sales of white pigments such as Red Lead, White Lead, ZnO, Barium and Calcium Carbonate.
1958 February
  • Organization was changed to Hayashi Shell Powder Manufactory (Capital stock 3million JPY).
  • Tokyo Sales Office opened. Began focus on sales of diatomaceous earth for fluid filtration, petrochemicals, textiles, pharmaceuticals and consumable goods (food) fields.
  • With the diversification of our commodity range, the organizationwas renamed Hayashi Kasei Co., Ltd.


1961 March
  • Establishment of Nihon Catalizer Industry Co., Ltd. for the purpose of catalyst carriers.
  • Renamed in the same year to Hayashi Sangyo Co., Ltd. with the chalk manufacturing business transferred to this entity.
  • Began sale of SPS Kaolin for paper coating from UK based English China Clay Inc.
  • Became Japan trade agent of US based Grefco Inc diatomaceous earth.
  • Also became import agent for Engelhard Minerals (now, BASF)'s kaolin and attapulgites for paints, inks, coating materials, and synthetic resin.
  • Capital increased by 6million JPY.


1972 March
  • Capital increased by 30million JPY.
1975 March
  • Hayashi Sangyo Co., Ltd. started production of imported talc. Began nationwide sales of polypropylene resin talc filler in two domestic plants while obtaining GMP license of pharmaceutical talc.


  • Began sales of Brazil based Cadam Co., Ltd. Amazon kaolin A-88 for paper coating.
  • Capital increased by 50million JPY.
1986 January
  • Tokyo Sales office status changed to official branch.


  • Established an Ultra-fine Talc plant in Yingkou New Port in Liaoning Province, China using Haicheng talc supplying Japanese companies involved in international trade within the plastics sector.


2001 March
  • Relocation of state-owned plant in Haicheng district (producer of talc raw materials) to Talc producing sea-side renaming China Haicheng Plant increasing scale of production of Ultra-Fine talc and establishing a greater variety of commodities within a new supply system.
2003 March
  • Transfer of Tokyo Branch Office to Minato-ku, Shiba Park.
2004 November
  • Began sales contract and supply of DNA, RNA phosphoramidite, exclusively for Japan with South Korea based Samchylly pharma Co., Ltd.
2005 February
  • Established local corporation HK KOREA in Seoul, South Korea.
2007 June
  • Acquired ISO 9001: 2000 / JISQ9001: 2000 certification (registration number: JCQA-1651)
2009 January
  • Established "Hayashi Kasei (Thailand)" local corporation in Bangkok, Thailand.


  • Closed Shijonawate Plant and transferred the construction and production base to new Hashimoto Plant to expand production capacity.
  • Established a nucleic acid pharmaceutical research and development company "Bonac Corporation"
  • Construction of Hashimoto Plant in, Hashimoto City Wakayama Prefecture.
2013 February
  • Capital Participation in South Korea KOCH, Inc.
  • Transfer of Tokyo Branch Office to Toranomon Minato-ku.
2015 June
  • Transfer to Head Quarter to Dojimahama Shin-daibiru Building Kita-ku Osaka.
  • Fukuoka Branch opened in Chuou-ku, Fukuoka Prefecture.
2016 May
  • Tokyo Branch Office moved to Kanda, Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo.
2018 September
  • Toyama Nano Plate Filler Laboratory opened in Takaoka city, Toyama Prefecture.


2020 October
  • Transfer to Head Quarter to KC-DoDo Building Kita-ku Osaka.
2024 April
  • Transfer to Fukuoka Branch to SK Bldg Hakata-ku,Fukuoka.