Strength #5 Moving Forward to the Next 100 Years

Innovation & Development

Hayashi Kasei, as a leading company dealing in talc, has specialized in a wide range of products from olefin resin to engineering and super engineering plastics. In the future, research and development of inorganic fillers used in areas such as, high aspect ratio and weight reduction, will become a field which we will focus on.

Into the future

Hayashi Kasei continues to create a wide variety of materials that meet the demands of the era while furthering the evolution of powder technology using technology cultivated over the course of a century of innovation. To provide more functional, more powerful, and more aesthetically satisfying products, are our motto.  In recent years, as a means toward this goal, we established Bonac Corporation. as a nucleic acid pharmaceutical research and development company in 2010, responding quickly to both industry and everyday lifestyle needs. We are working to develop materials for the next generation.

Regarding Hayashi Kasei Research and Development