Quality Control

"Quality goods cannot be produced by merely placing our energies upon quality inspections and the machines themselves. We are committed to creating high quality products through thorough Commitment to our human labour and manufacturing processes.

Our basic premise toward quality control and quality management is: "Do not merely remove defective products from our line; remove them at the source."

Human Resources

The consistent development of Human Resources is imperative.

Regardless of the precision of the testing equipment itself, it must be operated by human hands.
We conduct regular educational programs and training initiatives for both our domestic and international employees.
We maintain high standards of quality control by dispatching managers to oversee the practices of our international operations on a regular basis.

Manufacturing Processes and Facilities

Talc-based products begin as a large rock formation.
Our processes focus on the task of reducing this gradually to a fine powder.

Talc products start as stone, undergo mineral processing, coarse grinding, fine grinding and sifting as part of the manufacturing process. Within the production process we have implemented quality control measures at each stage of the manufacturing line to to ensure defective materials (products) are removed before continuing to the next process as way of striving towards stable quality control.

Asbestos Management within Talc Products

Management of asbestos within Talc Products is strictly regulated by national authorities.

On August 28th 2006, the Ministry of Welfare and Labour, noting the Labour Standards Bureau, Industrial Safety and Health Department, Chemical Hazards Control Division finding regarding "ways to analyse the degree of asbestos in natural minerals" has set down strict guidelines for analysing the degree of asbestos content in natural minerals.
Hayashi Kasei employs a third party specialized contractor to conduct stringent tests based upon the govenment imposed regulations backed up with our own data testing systems.

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Environmentally Hazardous Substances in Talc

We have aligned ourselves with internationally imposed regulations from when the initial proposal was made.
We have complied thoroughly with regulations regarding Environmentally Hazardous Substances.

This also applies to asbestos management.
At Hayashi Kasei we employ a specialized contractor to conduct testing and constantly check whether our results are within the required specification threshold. We also work alongside our network of testing facilities to create new guidelines and are able to respond quickly to any changes in regulations.
We are committed to constantly supplying our clients with products that are safe and reliable.

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