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Creating an Innovative Manufacturing Enterprise

Since our inception in 1919 we have accurately identified the needs of both individuals and society as a whole, while pioneering new markets required for each era.  Initially manufacturing the base material for white face powder, we have been involved in the manufacturing and sales of plastics, synthetic resins, industrial paints and paper in addition to raw materials for chemicals used in manufactured goods which are essential to everyday modern life, for almost a century.At present we are applying our organic filler manufacturing knowledge and expertise upon the task of discovering new applications and functionality for fillers in general while developing our research reagents business through our “Life Sciences” division as we work towards our vision of becoming a safe and reliable corporation that contributes to a more prosperous society.In our next 100 years of enterprise we aim to remain on the cutting edge of technology and in tune with the needs of each era.   Applying the vast expertise and experience we have cultivated over many years we shall work towards the research, development and manufacturing of new materials beyond fillers and furthermore toward our ultimate goal of being “An innovative manufacturing enterprise” that is trusted by clients and seen as an integral part of society.

Hayashi Kasei Co., Ltd. President Masahiko Tsuchida

Hayashi Kasei Co., Ltd. Basic management policy

June 9th, 2015
Masahiko Tsuchida

1. Management Philosophy (Company Mission)

We provide raw materials and services which are friendly to both people and
our global environment to achieve our goal of creating a safe, secure and prosperous society.
We will continue to exert our utmost efforts in order to be an organization
with overflowing sense of humanity and one that appreciates customers’ satisfaction
and joy are synonymous to our own happiness.

2. Our Goal (Vision)

We aspire to become an “innovative manufacturer” that helps society through the power of Chemicals.

3. Shared Values

We take appropriate actions based on the strong belief
that the most important value is to constantly pursue maximum satisfaction of
our customers and to serve the needs of our society.

4. Behavioral Principles

  1. (1) The following are our employees’ behavioral principles, based on company goals and shared values.

    • “We will always think in good faith and act appropriately”
    • “We will listen to what our customers are saying and respect their true wishes.”
    • “Innovation is the key to help us grow and to succeed in satisfying our customers.”
    • “We will always aim for the best and exert tireless effort to reach our goal.”
    • “We believe in mutual cooperation and development.”
  2. (2) Stance and commitment to business

    • “Enjoy your work. Do not grow weary. Never give up.”
    • “Always think for yourself ‘What is best?’ and act accordingly.”
    • “Sales Amount and/or Size are not everything. We strive to evolve into a powerful company”
    • “We will continue to propose life styles that people can feel they are leading ‘a good life’”